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The Business Side of Caricatures

Cost is determined by different requirements of clients. Caricatures can be produced on paper or illustration board. The size of the work affects the cost as well as whether or not the work is to be done in full colour, partial colour or black and white.
More than 18 years experience as a caricaturist. Plenty of experience working with many people of all ages in many different types of settings. I've drawn on boats, outside in town squares, in living rooms, in halls, company offices, factory floors, stores and banquet halls.

On-Site Artist Prices

If you have a party or an event and want to hire me to be there to draw people, then please call and we can discuss my hourly rate. I do have a 2 hour minimum.

I can be there for grand openings, trade shows, conventions, special store events, sports symposiums, sporting gatherings, sport tributes and other athletic gatherings. All of these would benefit having a caricature artist there as an entertainment feature.

As both children and adults enjoy watching the drawing being done, this activity can easily (and using little floor space), keep people amused and in a good mood if there is a slower period during your event. I have other business experiences that I can share with you that have worked out quite wellfor both me and the attraction or party. Just let me know the situation and we can discuss the game plan.

In your homes, I can be available for holiday or birthday parties, business functions, trade shows, conventions, graduations, family reunions, bar mitzvahs, and any celebratory type of gathering you might have.

Here I am working at a large medical convention hosted by Medtronics of Canada, drawing doctors, nurses and executives.


Large format heavy paper sheets used- Size determined in consideration of request.

Colour will be used in the drawing where suitable. See example. I will need two chairs and suitable lighting. All artwork supplied unframed. Framing can be supplied at additional cost.

People are invited to watch me draw and my cheery disposition is free!

Gift Caricature Prices

If you want me to create a caricature portrait as a gift and live too far for us to get together, you can just send me some photographs with the name of the person(s) via email.

13" x 15" - $150... An excellent personal gift size. For an example, see the "the lady in her red car" in Gallery 1.

15" x 17.5" - $250... In colour- My in-between size which allows for more details to be put in the work. For an example, see the first young bride and groom" shown in Gallery 2.

16" x 20" - $350 ...An outstanding buy with a "Wow!" factor, and room for a fair bit. Good for couple drawings and important person gifts.
Very appropriate gift size when you want to sign this gift with a people's names.) For example, see the first wedding drawing in Gallery 4.

All of these are done on quality illustration board, suitable for framing.


To help me get an idea about this person to make the caricature personal.... Here are some suggestions...

Information about them such as their personal hobby The sport they're doing now or once was noted for. Their profession (how they feel about their job or boss can be good!) A story about something funny that once happened to them Their fantasy life or something about what they wish for in life. Their family, and any story about their family If single, something interesting about their dating experiences If in school, how educated and whether or not this is relevant. Children often want to be something when they grow up like a basketball player, or a pro wrestler, or a hockey player or a ballerina or even a rock star or a dancer.

I would then be able to incorporate more into the caricature drawing that will make it special to them.

Caricature Ideas

Family or other group caricatures make great gifts for groups, teams and families. This concept can work well as a company, team or family greeting card for Christmas.

Photographs must be clear, full face is great, and hopefully other pictures from different angles and at least passport size. If you only have them in a crowd shot, that would be okay. You can send me copies or the originals in the mail. ( I will do my best to get them back to you.) You can send low resolution photos via email and a number of them of the subject from different angles would be helpful.

The same applies for a caricature of your pet.

Please give me all of your contact information stipulating when and where I can contact you. This could be your home number or your cell number. I do need your email address.

Work in progress, done from the studio here, can sometimes be viewed online via a quick rough scan when there is work to show the client for review before sending it. This will be arranged if required. I do my best to satisfy your wishes, knowing this gift reflects upon you and your company or organization when it is unveiled to the recipient at a large party.

Bear in mind that I have produced these works for major executives of companies such as Nabisco to the Public Relations Manager of Royal Victoria Hospital, the CEO of hospitals and presidents of Rotarian Chapters. More intimate, but no less important are the countless, very treasured caricature portraits I have done as wedding and family oriented gifts.

Production and delivery can be done within a week or so if you are close-by and purchasing a small size caricature portrait. It can take up to 3 weeks for larger works, so I value you giving me advance notice of your scheduled gift giving.

Please feel to ask me any questions regarding this service.

Paul Forde

( Often mis-spelled as Paul Ford )

Barrie, Ontario
Canada    L4N 0E6
Tel 705.725.0750

Niagara Region, Ontario
Tel 905.892.3658